Monday, February 27, 2017

GSE goes down as Ecobank Ghana (EGH) declines

The major indices recorded negative return today, following a decline in EGH's stock price. The year-to-date return on the GSE-CI fell to 9.79% with the GSE-Composite Index shedding 2.61 points to close trading at 1,854.49 points. The year-to-date return on financial stocks also fell; settling at 13.21%, as the GSE-Financial Stock Index shed 4.35 points to close trading at 1,749.59.
The trade volume and corresponding trade value more decreased, compared to Monday's figures, as 0.15 million shares were exchanged for GHS0.27 million. CAL and GCB emerged as the most traded counters as their transactions made up for 37.99% of the total market volume and 42.62% of the total value traded respectively.
Two stocks recorded price changes today GOIL on the upside with a pesewa to close at GHS1.17 while EGH on the other hand, dropped GHS0.07 to close at GHS7.13.



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