Thursday, December 29, 2016

What To Do Before Buying Any Stock

In all my investment coaching I tell my clients who want to venture into stocks trading or investment, to do one thing and that's what you should do before buying any stock in 2017.


Knowing more about the companies you buy or sell always gives you some upper hand and courage.

So get to work. And this is how;

On the Ghana Stock Exchange for instance there are about 35 listed companies. In 2017, target to read the Annual Reports, related news and learn more about what each of these 35 companies do.
You can dedicate one week to study about one company and before you know it, you will be more abreast with what's happening in the Market and then you can make informed decisions.
Most of the information you will need can be found here (
Fast readers can take two companies a week and read on.
Do not be scared of the figures and do not worry about interpreting the financial statements. The goal here is to know what these companies do to make profit, nature of their business, what industry they operate in, who is on their boards or management, who are the top 10 or top 20 shareholders, and any other relevant information you will get in their annual reports.

Doing this will not only get you informed but also build up some zeal or interest in you towards investing on the stock market.

You can apply this principle to other Investments you intend to hold, being it real estate, mutual funds, fixed income securities etc.

Simple task that always pays. Enjoy reading.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Personal Finance: Money Related Apps I Use on Daily basis.

In 2016, I was able to properly manage my finances and simplify the movement of money from one place to the other with the help of these apps.

1. expressPay -  This is a very good app for those of you who value time like I do. Moving money from my bank account to any other place is so simple. The bank direct feature added recently is another great thing. I use expressPay send money to people easily, pay electricity bills, buy mobile credit, buy internet bundles, pay for DSTV subscription and even load money into my stock brokerage account. My desire is for every shop, business or person to get on expressPay so we can transact without the use of cash.

2. Bank apps (STANBIC & CAL BANK ): These apps since to be so cool too. Internet banking is simplier and life just gets better when you don't have to visit the banking or ATM hall every time.

3. Financial  Calculator: I love these calculator. It helps me calculate everything I want. Helps me get my Return on Investments (ROI) and  prepare my financial accounts for my clients. (Clients of PEA FUND). Finance gets boring to people because of the formular works but with a financial calculator, it gets easier and fun.

4. Ghana Investment: Is a recent app I discovered that helps me monitor my fixed income securities (Treasury bills and Fixed deposits).

5. Valuation app: Is also a great app to use for finance. There are valuation techniques and formulas that can help you in your valuations.

6. Money Manager : This app helps me monitor my expenses and incomes on daily, weekly and monthly bases. It can sometimes be time consuming back if used  properly and regularly,  it will be become a part of you and hence help you control you expenses whiles working towards increasing income streams. It's a must- get app for all.

So now you know. Go get them.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Personal Finance Tips for the New Year

As the year draws to an end, I will be sharing with you some personal finance tips that helped me manage my finances and simply life as well as investing.

1. Bank Accounts:

Let's begin with bank accounts. In 2016, I stuck to the use of bank accounts as an outlet for cash inflows and simply as that.
Not even a peny was allowed to stay in it.
My Salary and other streams of income pass through it and are moved to where they really belong - (Investment accounts).
Keeping too much cash in your bank account is not something I'll advice. The worse form of this is when the bank account is a current account. You don't only lose the value of your money over time, you also get charged. 
Another thing to avoid is the little ATM or VISA charge. The more transaction you make, the more you pay.

2. Carry less Cash:
When you carry less cash on you, there is greater possible of you living within your means. This has been my way of controlling my spending. This is a powerful tool and if practiced well, you turn tospend less and even in the case where you have loads of cash on you, you won't feel like spending it on unnecessary items.

In my next post, I'll share some of the apps I use to manage movement of money and personal finance.


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