Monday, September 26, 2016

GSE Market Recap: CPC hits 0.02p (100% increase in price)

The stock market recorded its second sucessive win, following upward price changes in two stocks. The index climbed 7.79 points to close trading on at 1,782.91 points. The change implies a year-to-date return of -10.63%.

The GSE financial stocks index stayed flat as the market recorded no price changes in financial stocks.

The total of 2.79 million shares were exchanged for a value of GHS3.52 million. The figures recorded today compare favourably to the previous session as the trade volume and value were 18 folds and 6 folds respectively of the previous closing. GOIL led trading today with 93.88% and 99.14% of the traded volume and value respectively.

GOIL went up by GHS0.09 close to GHS1.25. CPC also gained a pesewa to close trading at GHS0.02. On the other other hand, BOPP and TOTAL recorded losses.


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