Tuesday, August 30, 2016

GSE-Composite Index lost points, following losses on ALW

The GSE-Composite Index lost 0.32 points, following losses on ALW, to close at 1,814.28 points. The year-to-date yield is -9.07%.

On the other hand, GSE financial stock index saw gains, as price appreciation in EGH drove the index to 1,726.07 points, up 0.74 points from the previous session.

The volume traded today was 0.09 million shares, a 37.74% decrease from yesterday's volume of 0.14 million. The corresponding value traded was GHS0.38 million. GCB was the dominant equity, accounting for more than 80% of both the volume and value traded in today's session.

EGH gained marginally from GHS6.87 to GHS6.88. On the other hand, ALW lost GHS0.02 to close at GHS0.12

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Losses on 7 stocks halted 12-day winning streak on GSE

Losses on 7 stocks halted the 12-day winning streak of the GSE Composite Index. The index closed trading at 1,824.42 points, down 8.23 points, from 1,832.65 points. This brings the year-to-date return to -8.55%.

The GSE financial stocks index also declined by 4.02 points to close trading at 1,733.67 points.

UTB and FML dominated trading with 41.62% of the traded volume and 68.29% of the value traded respectively. 0.70 millions shares were exchanged for GHS2.83 million. The traded volume and value were 2 folds and 8 folds respectivley, compared to the previous session.

EGH was the only gainer. CAL, EGL, ETI, GOIL, PZC, SIC and TOTAL saw their share prices decline.
Courtesy: CBL.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

GCB recorded its 13th gain from start of the 3rd quarter on GSE

The GSE-Composite index closed mid-week's 1.99 points high, from 1,789.73 points to 1,791.72 points. The year-to-date currently stands at -10.19%.

The GSE financial stocks index closed at 1,686.52 points, up 2.87 points from 1,683.65 points.

A total volume of 0.15 million shares was traded for a sum of GHS0.03 million. The traded volume and value decline by 37.85% and 95.09% respectively. UTB and ETI were the dominant equities, accounting for 49.33% and 34.05% of traded volume and traded value respectively.

ALW bounced back from a GHS0.02 loss on Tuesday to close trading at GHS0.14. GCB recorded its 13th gain from start of the thrid quarter this year to date, to close trading at GHS3.34. PBC and UTB saw their share prices decline.


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