Thursday, June 23, 2016

GSE-CI drops following decline in CAL stock price

The GSE-Composite Index fell 0.41 points from 1,777.33 points to 1,776.92 points, following losses on CAL share price. The resulting year-to-date return was -10.93%.

The GSE financial stock also lost ground, dropping 0.89 points to close trading at 1,652.55 points.

The total value traded was GHS13.55 million, more than twice of the mide-week's trade value of GHS5.45 million. A total of 1.67 million shares changed hands, more than 2 folds the previous session. FML traded the most shares with 95.29% of the volume traded and 99.98% of the value respectively.

FML and SIC climbed, gaining a pesewa each, while CAL saw a decline is its share price.

Courtesy: CAL Brokers Ltd

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

GSE market climbs on the back of 3 stocks

The year-to-date return on the local bourse climbed to -11.28% on Tuesday from -11.39% following positive price changes on three stocks. The GSE-Composite Index closed trading at 1,769.88 points, up 2.13 points from 1,767.75 points.

The GSE-Financial Stock Index closed at 1,654.91 points from 1,651.91 points.

Trading was dominated by FML, with 98.57% of the 1.30 million shares traded and 99.95% of the GHS10.27 million realized. The trade volume went up by 89.67%, compared to the previous closing of 0.68 million shares. The total value of trade increased nearly seventeen-fold.

Three stocks appreciated in price, CAL, EGH and UTB while TOTAL was on the losing side.

Courtesy:  CAL BROKERS

Friday, June 17, 2016

Fan Milk Ltd (FML) hits year high amid low turnover

The GSE-Composite Index recorded its fourth win in four trading days, following positive returns on FML. The index closed trading 3.63 points higher at 1,771.47 points. The year-to-date return is -11.20%.

A 0.07% dip in Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) forced the GSE financial stock index down 0.29 points, closing at 1,656.27 points from 1,656.56 points.

A total of 0.04 million share exchanged with a corresponding trade value of GHS0.01 million. The turnover and trade value was 66.53% and 82.30% less than the previous session's volume and value respectively. CAL chalked up 39.64% of the traded volume whereas FML dominated in terms of value traded, accounting for 55.05% of the trade value.

FML gain more ground, climbing to a year-high of GHS8.00 from GHS7.82.

Courtesy: CBL


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