Thursday, August 18, 2016

Losses on 7 stocks halted 12-day winning streak on GSE

Losses on 7 stocks halted the 12-day winning streak of the GSE Composite Index. The index closed trading at 1,824.42 points, down 8.23 points, from 1,832.65 points. This brings the year-to-date return to -8.55%.

The GSE financial stocks index also declined by 4.02 points to close trading at 1,733.67 points.

UTB and FML dominated trading with 41.62% of the traded volume and 68.29% of the value traded respectively. 0.70 millions shares were exchanged for GHS2.83 million. The traded volume and value were 2 folds and 8 folds respectivley, compared to the previous session.

EGH was the only gainer. CAL, EGL, ETI, GOIL, PZC, SIC and TOTAL saw their share prices decline.
Courtesy: CBL.


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