Saturday, September 28, 2013

Guinness Ghana (GGBL) & PZC reached record highs : Market Recap

The stock market gained more ground, recording a second straight win, following positive returns on two banking stocks, together with PZC and GGBL. The GSE-Composite Index rose 5.73 points to close the week at an all time high of 2,020.26.
The financial stock index also followed suit recovering from its three days losing streak. The GSE-Financial Stock Index went up 1.79 points to 1,691.90 from Thursday's closing of 1,690.11.

A total of 0.14 million shares were traded on the exchange today, amounting to a sum of GHS0.68 million.  The trade volume and value decreased by 99.40% and 95.71% respectively. Trading was dominated by EGL and SCB, with EGL responsible for 18.56% of the volume traded and SCB, 54.58% of the trade value.

GGBL and PZC reached record highs after picking up ten (10) pesewas and three (3) pesewas to close at GHS5.40 and GHS0.90 respectively. SCB was up four (4) pesewas to GHS14.18, CAL also went up two (2) pesewas to close at GHC1.06. The downside had BOPP, EBG and GCB.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ghana Investment Report; Impressive? Find out the new developments

This afternoon I was reading the 1st and 2nd quarter Investment Reports by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) and I must say I'm impressed about the report; not about the content but about the layout and how the content was put together. Again not that the arrangement or layout was great but just that my expectations were very low. 
Now let's look at some key aspects of the reports.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dividend Payment dates for some GSE-Listed Companies

SCB-PREF   0.0671  Sept 12, 2013  Sept 30, 2013
SPL   0.0022   Sept 26, 2013 Oct 08, 2013 
PZC 0.0046  Sept 23, 2013   Oct 14, 2013
EGL   0.020*   Oct 1, 2013  Nov 4, 2013 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

CAL brokers to train investors on the new multi-asset trading platform.

CAL Brokers Limited (CBL), a brokerage house in Ghana is organizing a trading seminar from September 17th -19th, 2013 between 5:00pm -7:00pm at the Ghana Stock Exchange for investors and users of their ibroker platform.
With Innovation as their forte, CBL became the first brokerage firm in West Africa to introduce an online trading platform - “ibroker” - which has attracted a lot of users from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, USA, Japan, and UK among others.
Five years down the line CBL is coming back into the market with another flagship platform which allows users to trade in multi-asset classes including Index futures (GSE-CI), Gold, Oil and currency (GHs/USD, EUR/USD & GBP/USD)futures. The platform is linked to the Global Board of Trade (GBOT) market in Mauritius.
In view of this CBL will be organizing a trading seminar for their cherished clients on the fundamentals of trading and investing on GBOT which will cover among others: the overview of GBOT, fundamentals of trading futures and CFD’s and market analysis, trading from anywhere (introduction of trading technology) and how to trade with CAL Brokers limited on GBOT.
The training will be held at the GSE Conference Room.
Kindly confirm your participation by sending an email to
Courtesy CBL.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ghana Stock market recovers as 6 stocks gained.

The performance indicator of the local bourse, the GSE-Composite Index, recovered from its two days loss, following price increments on six stocks. The index closed at 1,990.57, a 0.20% increase from Tuesdays closing of 1,986.51.The GSE-Financial Stock Index was lifted by gains on three financial stocks to close at 1,700.96 from 1,697.03.

A total of 0.89 million shares valued at GHS 2.97 million traded. Today's trade volume and value exceeded the previous session's by  more than three (3) and four (4) times respectively. EBG led the market in terms of volume and value with 55.99% of the total volume and 71.82% of the value traded.

PZC reached a new year-high after gaining 3 pesewas to close at GHS0.80. Other gainers were CAL, EGL, FML, SCB and EBG. TLW was the sole loser.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ghana Alternative Market (GAX): Some Facts and Figures

Many investors are waiting for the GAX to start operating. Some important points or assurance to note about the GAX are as follows:
It has been more than four months since the initial schedule for the GAX to start operation.
All systems for the operation of the Alternative market are in place and financial resources have been mobilised to support the operation.
The concept of the GAX is to address the complaints of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) about not being able to raise capital on the regular market.
Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) would allow SME’s with minimum capital of Ghc 250,000 and operating for a year to list on the GAX.


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