Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stock Picks: Recommended Stocks for Investor on GSE

On Wednesday, 27th March, I posted a comment on Facebook trying to pick people's mind on the stocks they would recommend for an aggressive investor on the Ghana Stock Exchange.  The GSE Composite index and the GSE Financial Stock Index have been bulling from the beginning of the year. Most stocks on the market as at now are probably over-valued, meanwhile activity on the market is heightening.
This is what I wrote on Facebook;
"I am an aggressive investor who has Ghc 50,000 and want's to invest all on the Ghanaian Stock Market for 5 years. What stocks would you recommend?" 
Below are some comments and recommendations from some readers on Facebook with their various reasons;

Saturday, March 23, 2013

eStock Analysis Blog - Ghana's Best Business and Commerce Blog for 2012

Thank you all for supporting eStock Analysis Blog  to win 'Best Business and Commerce Blog' option at the BloggingGhana Social Media Awards (Blogcamp13). I dedicate this to all my special readers and fellow investors. Keep saving and investing.

Monday, March 18, 2013

How the stock market stretched winning streak to 6 successive sessions

The stock market stretched its recent winning streak to six  successive sessions, following gains in three stocks. The GSE-Composite Index closed at 1,644.23, up 3.20 points from 1,449.86. The GSE-Financial Stock Index followed suit, climbing 1.75 points to close trading at 1,451.61.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to mitigate losses in Ecobank on the stock market

It's a beautiful but hot Sunday in Accra and here I am, hiding in my room trying to make the best of my time whiles people crack their brains worrying about their next steps to take in the stock market with respect to ETI (Ecobank Transnational Inc) stock they bought years ago. He was like, 'Hey Talizo, I bought ETI at IPO price (0.29 cents or 0.34p) and it has dropped so low to 0.11p but now at 0.18p (as at today). Would it go higher again? Should I sell now? Chaley what make I do?'.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Getting into Financial Blogging – The eStock Analysis Story

My desire to know what’s happening every time on the various financial markets in order to invest or advice people to invest properly led me to Blogging and micro-blogging (Twitter ). My type of financial blogging requires an ability to understand what the figures mean with respect to businesses and their financial reports. I have, for some time, now focused on the listed companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange because those companies have given a chance to the public, hence the public deserve to know more about them.


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