Sunday, April 22, 2012

Only 38 West African companies made it to the list of Africa's Top 250 companies

Over thousands of companies are registered in West Africa. Most of which are registered in Nigeria, Ghana and Cote d' Ivoire. But despite the numbers, only thirty eight of  West African companies made it to the list of Africa's Top 250 Companies.

Africa's Top 250 Companies list is compiled annually by the African Business team and in the April issue of the AFRICAN BUSINESS magazine, financial data from Dr. Ayo Salami, (co-founder of African Business Research Ltd) as at 31st December 2011 indicated that

Thursday, April 19, 2012

How fast does information reflect in the prices of shares on the Ghana Stock Exchange?

The question about efficiency of the capital market always comes up in my mind. And now I am asking how fast information released by stakeholders of the market affects or reflect on prices on the exchange.
Shareholders make investment decisions based on the information they get from stakeholders of the market. Such information include new tax measures announced by the government, announcement of new products by the company, release of annual reports and announcement of higher or lower dividends. In the advanced markets, for instance on Wall Street, information released by companies or the government rapidly reflects on the prices of shares within minutes. Information release at non-trading hours affects the market in the next trading session.
In the Ghanaian market on the other hand, one can hardly tell the relationship between information and their effect on the prices in the market. Moreover, the speed of reflection on the market varies from time to time.
In the immediate past, CAL Bank share price saw a decrease when there was a problem in the company with respect to share transfer between two parties. How direct and certain can one be to link the cause of decrease in share price to that particular information? Other stocks in the market have shown similar trend. By my observations in the earnings season, share prices respond to the performance of companies as reported by their financial. Even at this time, the speed of reflection is an issue to be concerned about.
 I can’t wait for the capital market to reach the point where information takes minutes to reflect on the market. This would make the market active and inform investors in making good decisions moreover, aiding accurate speculations.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Taking a closer look at Unilever Ghana Limited (UNIL)

Today, I want us to focus on Unilever Ghana Limited (UNIL) and it's performance in 2011 and in the year so far. In my earlier post about the 1st Quarter of the Manufacturing sector, I wrote on the current standing of the company on the exchange. 
UNIL: 1st Quarter Chart on GSE: (courtesy; Bloomberg & GSE) 

We would look at more figures and how investors are reacting. UNIL as we know, manufactures and markets consumer goods throughout Ghana some of which includes toilet soaps, personal products, detergents, and consumable food products.

This year, UNIL began trading at GHS 6.64 (03.01.12) per share on the exchange. UNIL has issued about 62.50 million ordinary shares on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) with market capitalization of GHS 509.38 million. As released by the exchange, UNIL records a dividend yield (%) of 5.89. It was also recorded a price per book value from the most recent quarter as reported by Bloomberg as 8.6373. 
Investors reaction to the stock on the exchange has not changed so much. The shares are trading from time to time and most of the time as odd lots. As at today, the price remains at it's year high of GHS 8.15.

UNIL reported in March 2012 that it has made a revenue of GHS 239,005 for the 2011 financial year. In a press release to the Ghana Stock Exchange, it reports a profit after tax for the year as GHS 30,115, an increased of the one for 2010 which was GHS 17,947. Shareholders equity increase from GHS 41,340 to GHS 48,893.(NB: all figures are expressed in thousands of GH cedis unless otherwise stated)

UNIL would be having its Annual General Meeting on 27th April 2012 at the National Theatre. Shareholders are advised to go and contribute to the discussions and also vote on issues. Moreover, the company has proposed a dividend per share of 0.4800 pesewas which has a qualifying date as 25th April, 2012.
We hope to keep our eyes on UNIL and it's affairs in the household & consumer products sector.


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