Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ghana Stock Exchange: Market Update (20.06.12) - CAL Bank led the market.

Today on the exchange, losses in two equities were cancelled out by upward price movement in four equities, ensuring that the stock market closed with a positive return of 0.17%. The major indices responded kindly. The GSE-Composite Index
climbed 1.77 points to 1,025.80 points while the GSE-Financial Stock Index also went up 2.80 points to 880.66 points.
Nearly five times more shares were traded today, compared to the previous session as a total of 1.15 million shares were exchanged today, for a sum of GHS0.49m, more than seven times the value recorded in the previous session. CAL Bank (CAL) led the market with 76.77% and 48.79% of the trade volume and trade value respectively.
There were four gainers, CAL, Enterprise Group Ltd (EGL), Fan Milk Ghana Ltd (FML) and SG-SSB. Ghana Oil (GOIL) and Tullow Oil (TLW) recorded losses.

Courtesy: CAL Brokers Ltd.


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