Thursday, May 17, 2012

Market Participants: List of Stock Brokerage Firms in Ghana

Most people have been asking me about who to contact if they want to start an investment. I have realized that most people in Ghana do not know who to contact or where to go in order to buy shares of companies listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. I must admit that, some brokers in Ghana do not approach people to talk to them about investments or contact potential investors.
Moreover, people are very ignorant about the various investment instruments that exist in these brokerage firms. It is bad for the growth of the market.
So, I have decided to list the various broker/dealers in the Ghanaian financial market and their websites or locations. I believe this would help some potential or young investors to know where to go, or who to talk to.

As listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange's website, these are some market participants (Licensed Dealing Members );

Please follow the links above to find more about these Market participants or Brokerage firms. There are other market participants like Custodians, Registrars and Government Securities Dealers. The link to the Ghana Stock Exchange website would help you find out more.
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